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JUST IN XX AW18 Runway Show

22018/02 新聞來源:The PR Net

Avant-garde Taiwanese streetwear designer, Justin Yu-Ying Chou, premiered his Autumn/Winter 2018 collection at Spring Studios. The AW18 collection, titled, “SuperlinXX”, is the debut collection under Chou’s new label, JUST IN XX. Inspired by a collaboration with Taiwan’s National Palace Museum, Chou tapped into the museum’s ancient treasures for inspiration, to reinterpret Chinese imperial art as modern street style. “SuperlinXX” (meaning “super links”), attempts to synthesize time, space, culture and age, escaping regular routine and rules, and merges his vision of street fashion with his philosophy of cultural diversity.

Notable attendees at the show included Rydel Lynch, Bea Miller, Becca Gross, Shaniah Mauldin, Jeremy Carver, Victoria Brito, Kevin Wu and Russian Roulette. 

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